Broken Arrow (1996) – “Broken Arrow” By Hans Zimmer

Broken Arrow (1996)

Released in February of 1996 and grossing a respectable $70 million domestically, Broken Arrow is a true 90’s action film. Filled with bizarrely comedic dialogue, an over-the-top villain in John Travolta, and a whole lot of stuff blowing up real good (helicopters, hummers, trains, people), it’s best remembered as a… Continue reading

Face Off (1997) – “Ready For The Big Ride, Bubba” By John Powell

Face Off (1997)

If you’re in the hunt for beautiful, touching, and emotional movie music, 1997’s Face Off original score would seem an unlikely starting point. Known primarily for director John Woo’s signature ballets of violence and an over-acting clinic by stars John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, Face Off did moderately well at the box… Continue reading

The Punisher (2004)

The Punisher (2004)

Commando. That’s what I kept thinking about during The Punisher, the newest arrival off the comic book adaptation factory belt. You know, the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger action-fest where he has to rescue little Alissa Milano from the bad guys. The difference is that Commando knew it was bad. The Punisher… Continue reading