Moneyball (2011) – “It’s A Process” By Mychael Danna

Moneyball (2011)

To be good at something is one thing. To be good at something consistently for years is another. In a sport where getting a hit three times out of ten over a career makes you a borderline Hall-of-Famer, baseball requires an immense amount of discipline, repeatable mechanics, and the ability to endure a 162 game season.

Released in 2011, Moneyball, based upon Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane’s book of the same name, chronicles the unlikely success of the 2002 A’s. Assembled of “bargain” players that could get on base, Beane’s strategy forever changed the game and brought advanced saber-metrics to the forefront of player analysis. Mychael Danna’s moving score adds a whole lot to an already incredible sports story. String-based, solemn, yet hopeful, the score perfectly captures the ups and downs of a baseball season. No single track captures both emotions more than “It’s A Process,” which is played during scenes of Beane’s own coaching of the players. Danna’s entire Moneyball score is masterful and brilliantly emotes┬áthe stress and intensity athletes are under to perform day in and day out. It also encompasses the triumph of victory.



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