Breakdown (1997) – “Main Titles” By Basil Poledouris

Breakdown (1997)

Released in May of 1997, Breakdown is an old-school suspense/thriller from director Jonathan Mostow and starring Kurt Russell. It won its opening weekend and finished its theatrical run with a respectable $50 million haul, but it has since vanished into the realm of the underrated and under-appreciated – not to mention the hard-to-find. With no Blu-Ray release in sight and only a hap-hazard, dated DVD available (though it is on Netflix), it’s not exactly the easiest film to locate.

I saw Breakdown no fewer than three times theatrically, and one of the many takeaways is Basil Poledouris’ atmospheric and and tension-filled score. The film’s main title theme is almost entirely percussion-driven and sets the mood for the film perfectly. There’s an air of menace and dread, the kind you feel when you’re the only car on the road in middle of the desert. Poledouris’ entire Breakdown score is virtually impossible to find, but someone was kind enough to give this worthy piece of movie music an upload to YouTube. Like the film, it does not deserve to be forgotten.



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