Road House Remake Happening; There Is No God

Road House

From the Hollywood Reporter comes news that the 1989 cult action classic, Road House, is being remade. As you will certainly recall, the film starred Patrick Swayze as a philosophical bouncer brought in to clean up a riotous bar in Missouri. Many fights commenced and many punches were thrown, not to mention he managed to piss of a bunch of local businessmen. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll have a tough time finding better things to do with your time until you do.

Attached to direct is Rob Cohen, who’s coming off the unintentionally hilarious and equally awful Alex Cross. He did almost irreconcilable damage with 2005’s Stealth, one of the most incomprehensible and messy action films I’ve ever seen. He did have success in the early part of the century with the original Fast and the Furious and the Vin Diesel vehicle xXx. MGM has shown they have no shame in remaking anything in their vault, so all you can do here is hope that it’s watchable.

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